Enter The Philosopher's Room 3

Welcome back to the philosopher's room. To those who don't know what happens in this mix segment. This is where some of the mixes that didn't make it to one of the phonikphilosophy the podcast episodes and some mixes where I've been just experimenting on stuff. This is where I also just press the record button and mix away for as long as can be. On this mix I decided to go midtempo, a little different from episode 23. This was a 2 hour recording but I cut it down to an hour but you'll here the other hour later in the new year. hope you enjoy this one guys.


  1. Nikosf. - Summer Afternoons (Verano Remix)
  2. Admin - Sunday Loops
  3. Wil Maddams - Stand In For Love (Original Mix) 
  4. Benjamin Damage - 010x
  5. Atjazz and Mark de Clive Lowe - Sweat No Sleep
  6. Atjazz - Dry Red Line
  7. Gintonic Da Colly - When I'm Inlove (Instrumental Mix)
  8. Kaysoul - Glance At You
  9. Problem Child Ten83 - No Flow (Ten83 Flowless Main)

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