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The #Throwback Projection version 6

It is that time of the year where we let music take control as we head to the festive season and with that I'm back with the classics stretching as far back as '97 to as recent as 2011.


1. Crustation - Flame (Mood II Swing Vocal Mix) [1997]
2. Mphoza - Sax On The House [2011]
3. Donna Allen - He is the joy (Rocco Underground mix) [2009]
4. The Return - Brand New Day [1999]
5. Master Jam ft. RJ Benjamin - Change The World (Dr. Duda Mix) [2008]

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The #Throwback Projection version 5

Sorry for the delay guys been very busy lately and this will be my last offering as I'll be inactive until the 21st of November. So just to get you into the summer mood I've added some latina vibes to this soo enjoy 
1. Africanism - Tourment D'Amor [2000] 2. Ive Mendes - Natural High (SUMO Rebounce Mix) [2003]
3. Anane ft. Mr.V - Let Me Love You [2005]
4. Africanism - Block Party [2000]
5. Afro Medusa - Pasilda(Knee Deep Club Mix) [2000]
6. Salome De Bahia - Outro Lugar [1999]

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The #Throwback Projection version 4

I'm back again for the throwback projection mix sorry for the delay I had some internet troubles

1. Ben Westbeech - Hang Around (Karizma's Kaytronic Dub Mix) [2007]
2. Aya - Sean (Eric's 2WFU) [2004]
3. Kentphonik ft. Mpho - Fly Away [2006]
4. Johnny Corperate - Sunday Shoutin' [2000]
5. BlackWhole - 1000 Seconds [2007]
6. Loco Dice - El Gallo Negro [2006]

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Episode 13: The Deeper Theory version 4

Finally The Deeper Theory is back and this time I hooked up some nice joints for this. With this I hooked my first voice over for the show so I hope you enjoy it.


1. Osunlade - Macaco (Blackman Bano Remix)
2. Arnold Tempo - Too Many Tomorrows
3. Garnier - Whistle For Frankie
4. FCL vs VFB - Love Prescription
5. Purple Velvet - Lost In Vienna
6. Hyenah - King Kobra
7. Glenn Astro - One Hill
8. Powell - Black Hole
9. Nuno Estevez - Music From God
10. Paskal & Urban Absolutes ft. Pete Josef - Bits Of Me (Jimpster Remix)

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The #Throwback Projection version 3

Yeah I'm back with the classics. I decided to post these classics every two weeks so yeah man here's version 3 1st Kwaito mix I've ever uploaded. It was mix i hooked up for my aunt's birthday the actual mix is about 90 minutes long but i had to cut to 30 minutes for the show so I hope you enjoy the mix KWAITO ALL THE WAY
1. Trompies - Sweety Lavo 2. Mawillies - Intwenjani 3. Trompies - Madibuseng 4. Thebe - Phily 5. Boom Shaka - Thobela 6. TKZee - Dlala Mapantsula 7. Kabelo - For As Long Ngisaphefumula
8. Trompies - Magasman

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Episode 12: Soulphurik Deeper Theory version 9

Episode 12 is here my apologies for taking long. Here's another mix sent to online stations but no feedback so here's episode 12 hope you enjoy.


1. Ezel, Tamara Wellons - Girl From Ipanema (Trinidadiandeep Dub Hifi Mix)
2. Trinidadian Deep - Sweetness You Bring
3. Luka feat. Beesting - Unexpected (Rancido's Traveling Soul Mix)
4. Michele McCain - I Am Lost (Jonny Montana Vocal Mix)
5. Those Boys - Adaptation (Original)
6. Shigeru Tanabu - El Contraste (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)
7. Cuebur, Vikter Duplaix - I See You (Original Mix)
8. Nick Holder - The Love Frequency (Main Mix)
9. Nomalungelo Dladla - Imiyalo (The Antidotes ChillOut Mix)
10. Mr. V - Somethin' (Wit' Jazz)
11. Detroit Swindle - 64 Ways feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Kerri 'Kaoz' Chandler Vocal Remix)

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The #Throwback Projection version 2

It's Thursday and you know what that means..... another #Throwback projection mix by yours truly 
1. Rodamaal - Musica Feliz (Alex S Return 2 Disco Mix) [2003] 2. Franck Roger ft. Chris Wonder - If I [2004] 3. Quentin Harris & Robert Owens - Always [2005] 4. Dennis Ferrer ft. K.T. Brooks - How Do I Let Go [2006] 5. The Sunburst Band - He Is (Joey Negro Club Mix) [2005]

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The #Throwback Projection version 1

This is the first of a series mini mixes filled with just classics and ONLY CLASSICS and always posted on a a Thursday 
1. Julien Jabre - Falling For Grace [2004] 2. Moloko - Sing it back (Herbert's Tasteful Dub) [1998] 3. Abstract Truth feat. Monique Bingham - We Had A Thing (Matty's Body And Soul Remix) [1998]
4. DJ Rasoul feat. Star - Faith In Love [2000] 5. Tortured Soul - I Might Do Something Wrong [2001]
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Episode 11: The Soulphurik Deeper Theory version 8 ( The Special Birthday Mix)

Yes, this is episode 11 my special birthday mix. This was recorded before my birthday parties that happened on the 7th and 14th of June at House 22 in Sunnyside, Pretoria. This mix wasn't a prepared one like the other mixes. It was basically a mix i made just to reflect on past events of my life as i celebrate my birthday. Although it's not a necessarily a throwback mix, i did however add 2 of my favourite classics of all time. This mix is dedicated to those who came to the party, my family, my closest friends and to you if you just discovered this mix. My biggest thank you goes out my mom, my uncle and Glen Lewis who made my birthday a one to remember for a long time.

No. Artist - Title [label] year released

1. Kid Fonque & Cuebur & Byron Rex Phillipson & Ckenz Voucal - Kid In Motion [Soul Candi] 2013
2. Jullian Gomes - Love Song 28 (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix) [Atjazz Record Company] 2014
3. Craze M & Toffee Brown - Butterflies(Rancido's Travelin…

PhonikPhilosophy The Podcast Notice

Hi Guys  I'm sure you're asking yourself why am i posting my old podomatic mix here on my blog well... as you can see I reached my storage limit on podomatic and I'm looking for the best place to post my mixes online.

The pics you currently see were from my birthday party at House 22 in Sunnyside, Pretoria. 2 Saturdays of mad fun with Glen Lewis gracing his presence at my birthday party blessing the crowd with a dope set on #VocalNights on the 14th of June and I'd like to thank all who made these days possible. I recorded episode 11 before the birthday party so it'll be my birthday mix from me to you even if you don't listen to house or even deep house for that matter.

Episode 1: The Soulphurik Deeper Theory

This is Episode 1 posted on podomatic in July 2012

This episode is all about soulful deep house music. You'll get a mixture of deep and soulful house tracks


1. Chymamusique - Jazz according to house
2. Hennings Project & Rony Breaker feat Daryl Strodes - Love When (Kojo Akusa Remix)
3. Erin Leah & N'dinga Gaba - Rocker (Original Video Mix)
4. At One feat. Wyoma - African Healing Dance (Atjazz Remix)
5. Ralf Gum feat Robert Owens - Fly Free (Main Mix)
6. Nastee Nev - Days Gone By
7. The Realm feat Tony Momrelle - Time (Frankie Feliciano Classic Vocal Mix)
8. Viola Sykes - Call My Name (Jonny Montana Original Mix)
9. Dolls Combers feat. James Vargas - Nathan (Original Mix)
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Episode 2: The Deeper Theory

This is Episode 2 posted on podomatic in September 2012

This is one of my theories of deep house I've added some elements of deep house that will keep your feet tapping. Hope you enjoy this mix
1. Lovebirds - Keep Coming (Axel Bomen Mix 1)
2. Miguel Migs ft. Meshell Ndegeocello - Tonight (Fred Everything Lazy Vocal Mix
3. Ocha Records Presents Sobz - Missing Chords
4. Atjazz & Jullian Gomes - Overshadowed
5. Nick Nikolov - Come Down
6. House Heads - Bits & Pieces
7. Cannon Soul - To Those We Have Lost (Dub Tribute)
8. Pablo Fierro - The Essence of Your Smile
9. Desos - Ghetto Love
10. Matt Masters - This & That (Pol On Remix)
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Episode 3: The Soulphurik Deeper Theory version 2

This is Episode 3 posted on podomatic in May 2013

The First Mix of 2013 the 2nd version of the soulphurik deeper theory. A collection of tracks i wanted in this mix last year and part of this year with a lot of south african deep and soulful tracks. Sorry for the delay. I promise to frequently post mixes. Enough of the explaining heres the tracklist for this edition:

1. Nastee Nev ft. Desire - Joy
2. Funk Deepstar & Skaiva ft. Raheem DeVaughn - Day Dreamer
3. Chymamusique - Go Deep or Go Home
4. Chymamusique - Soul & Mind (Da Capo's Touch)
5. Luka ft. Mz Jay - The World Keeps Turning (DJ Tipz Remix)
6. Da Capo ft. Kaylow - Out There (Fire and Rain Touch)
7. Chymamusique - My Broken Piano
8. Marvin Zeyss - Further
9. The Layabouts ft. Shea Soul - Perfectly (Atjazz Astro Remix)
10. Fred Everything - Mercyless (Atjazz Unreleased Astro Mix)
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Episode 4: The Soulphurik Deeper Theory version 3

This is Episode 4 posted on podomatic in June 2013

This mix posted on my birthday 5 June feeling good I decided to hook up this mix now we got the third version of the soulphurik deeper theories...
Here's the tracklist for my special birthday mix:

1. Nick Holder - Freedom
2. Le Shad ft. NaakMusiq - Brown Eyes
3. AB Walk ft. Howard - Better Than Wine
4. Raffa Scoccia & Jarrett Cato - Honey Drip
5. Kojo Akusa - Hey (Da Capo's Dub Touch)
6. M60 - Time Is Now (Those Boys Remix)
7. Kenny Zarro - Tool 122
8. Logistix Pres. Deon Nathan - I Feel (Souldyamic Remix)
9. Marc Evans - Closer (Risk Sound System 12 Mix)
10. The Layders - You Know What You Mean To Me (Jullian Gomes Remix)
11. Spiritchaser - Paradise Row (Horizon Dub)
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Episode 5: The Deeper Theory version 2

This is Episode 5 posted on podomatic in August 2013

"*Sigh* Yeah this mix was long overdue the 2nd version of my deeper theory philosophy provides other elements to my strictly deep house theory."

Here's the tracklist:

01. Soulphiction - Drama Queen
02. Love Unlimited Vibes - Luv Nine B
03. Ian Pooley - Over
04. Robosonic - Worst Love (Fritz Zander Remix)
05. Shur-I-Kan - Conundrum
06. Sellouts - 9th Intervention
07. DJ Dealer & RaShaan Houston - Let Me Live (Spiritchaser Remix)
08. Kres - She's Got Everything (Purple Velvet Remix)
09. Deymare - Back in Time
10. DeeperGravity - Deep Places (Beats Mix)
11. Nick Holder - Black Thanks (Instrumental Mix)
12. Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shoutin' (Robosonic Rework)
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Episode 6: The Soulphurik Deeper Theory version 4

This is Episode 6 posted on podomatic in October 2013

"Version 4 of the Soulphurik Deeper Theories I've put out a fusion of some groovy and chilled out deep soulful house tracks so far I'm really loving this mix and I hope you enjoy this mix."


01. Sai & Ribatone ft. Thiwe - Avenue Of Dreams (Original Mix)
02. QB Smith, MdCL & Brian Temba - Man Of Summer (QB's Hot Mix)
03. D'Angelo - Your Love Is So Cold (Mpheshnyk edit)
04. Dj Tipz & Kholi - Lifetime (Original Mix)
05. Muzart - Jukebox (Jonny Miller and Kid Fonque Remix)
06. Deetron feat Ovasoul7 - Out Of My Head (Original Mix)
07. Zaki Ibrahim, Kid Fonque & DJ Whisky - Be (Original Mix)
08. Tonic HD - Breaking
09. Da Capo - What Do They Know About Deep
10. Fistaz Mixwell, Dj Hloni, Mellow Soul - I'm Free (Ten83 Free-Bee)
11. Napoleons - Oceanic Shades (Original Mix)

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Episode 7: Soulphurik Deeper Theory version 5 (November 2013)

This is Episode 7 posted on podomatic in December 2013

"This is almost the last episode to be uploaded to podomatic as i have reached my cap but i will try to find a better platform and keep you all on podomatic updated on the latest PhonikPhilosophy mixes. this mix in particular i tried to submit to some underground stations i didnt succeed so this mix here is for you to judge.... my aim for this december is to post a mix every week as i have a couple of mixes lined up for december dope stuff to keep them feet tapping..."
1. Santos - Times of our lives (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)
2. Nick Holder - Breaking The Spell
3. Problem Child - Ten83 Theme
4. Rocco ft. Marcel - Memories (2013 Revisited)
5. Atjazz & Jullian Gomes ft. Osunlade - Philosophy
6. The Layders - You Know What You Mean (Jonny Miller Remix)
7. Tonic HD - My Brighter Side
8. Timmy Regisford - Thank You (Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix)
9. Sroczynski Prus - Final Wielkiej Cioty (Lars Behrenroth Edit)
10. Atjazz &a…

Episode 8: The Soulphurik Deeper Theory version 6 (December 2013)

This is Episode 8 posted on podomatic in December 2013

"The time has come to celebrate the festive season and with that I hooked up a lil' somethin somethin for those long drives to your holiday destinations so i hope you enjoy this one"


1. Jazzanova with Vikter Duplaix - That Night (Paskal & Urban Absolutes Remix)
2. Atjazz & Jullian Gomes - Overshadowed (Album Version)
3. Da Capo & Punk ft. Lyrik Shoxen - Cross My Mind
4. Avi Elman, Danny J, Mani Hoffman - Love is Not For Hire (UPZ Dub Edit of Black Coffee Remix)
5. Cool Affair - Mi Drum
6. The Heavy Quarters ft. Bongz Jazzman - Sax Me Up (Invaders of Afrika Saxual Intercourse Remix)
7. DJ Muzi GP ft. Mr Ntatshana - Umalume
8. DJ Kunta ft. Botshelo - Come Closer (Nteeze & Andy's Deep Mix)
9. Calvin Fallo ft. Tellaman - That Girl
10. Shigeru Tanabu - El Contraste (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)
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Episode 10: The Soulphurik Deeper Theory version 7 (Incl. Guest mix by Lincoln Suole)

The 10th episode of PhonikPhilosophy is finally here with that comes also the first with a guest mix of the show. With this episode you are gonna experience 2 contrasting mixes that I that you gonna enjoy. the 1st hour will be by yours truly then the 2nd hour guest is by Lincoln Suole from Pretoria.


1st Hour Mixed by Stereophonik The Philosopher

1. Atjazz - Does This Qualify?
2. Cubique DJ CB ft. Denny Dugg - Low
3. Monocles & Slezz, TekniQ, Vinny da Vinci ft. Ras Vadah - Against The World
4. Lilac Jeans, Kimet Nuh - Inside
5. Nathan Adams - Stay Away (Sir LSG Vocal Mix)
6. Kid Fonque, Cuebur, Andyboi, Jonny Miller & Okmalumkoolkat - Usangikhumbula (Jonny Miller VIP Remix)
7. Nteeze & Andy - The Melody
8. Karizma - 2Wice
9. Marco Fracasso - Xiba Chant (Frekazoidz Dub)
10. Javier Varez - Doubts & The Wind (Art of Tones Rising Remix)
11. Lars Behrenroth - Madness Last Night

2nd Hour Mixed by Lincoln Suole

1. Yoko Duo - Blowfish (Lake People Remix)
2. Kele Oke…

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Episode 9: The Deeper Theory version 3

Episode 8 became the last mix to be upload directly to podomatic as I have reached my storage cap. So with episode 9 I found what could be where you find all the mixes there. now with third version of the deeper theory I put out some flowing feet tapping deep house tunes to keep you moving wherever you are.


01. Metrobox - Ode Aan WPH (Humandrone Remix)
02. Nacho Marco - The Way Out
03. Ross Couch - Getting Deeper
04. Detroit Swindle - The Break Up
05. Freak Seven - We Bring The Music (Jimpster Dub)
06. Cuebur ft. Nathan X - Walk A Mile (Ultra Tone In Too Deep Remix)
07. Roque - Spirit's Speak
08. Atjazz & Jullian Gomes - Overshadowed (Jullian Gomes Perspective Mix)
09. Kojo Akusa & Lele X - No Politics In This House
10. Da Capo - Let's Play (Aquatone Dub)
11. Youand Themachines ft. Brothers Vibe - Perception

Download Episode 9

now you can primarily download my mixes at
Some people have been asking me to do a guest mix for Phon…